1) Explain to me how did it feel winning the title from Devon Alexander at The Barclays Center. What was your very first emotion?

It was amazing, our gameplan worked to perfection and it was a great night for myself and Team Porter. My first emotion was just of accomplishment and pride! God truly is great!

2) Have you gotten use to people calling you “champ” yet?
I’m getting more used to it, it’s funny how rarely I get called Shawn now! But I’m happy to have to get used to that haha

3) Since winning the title have you made a “big” purchase yet? If so what has it been?
Nah man, no big purchases. I’m not a flashy kind of guy, but it’s nice to have some money in the bank!4) When can we expect you in the ring again? And what names have been thrown in the mix with you?

Not sure on that one, I just do my job in the ring and let my team do the rest!

5) We’ve all seen what happened to Adrien Broner, what do you feel will keep you grounded as a champion as your popularity in the sport rises?
My mom told me when I was young, Don’t change. So i just remain the person God has formed me into and I will always stay humble. If you ask anyone, I’m still the same guy I was before the title!

6) If you could fight anyone past or present, who would it be and where?
Floyd Mayweather Jr in Vegas,7) What division other than yours do you keep up with and what fighter do you feel is on the verge of becoming a star aside from you?

I watch alot of random divisions. And future stars other than me. I’ll give you three. 2 of my sparring partners Demetrius Boo Boo Andrade, and Chris Sweet Pearson. And the other, gotta show love to a fellow Cleveland kid, Terrell Gausha!

8) What does a typical Shawn Porter day like now that you’re a champion ? How has it changed?
It hasn’t at all which I think is great. We have always worked extremely hard and now that I’m a world champion, that hasn’t changed. Still long days full of workouts, but I love it, boxing is one of the things God put me here to do!

9) If you could make any two fighters get in the ring who would they be?
I think we all want to see Floyd and PacMan!

10) Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
Thank you so much for supporting me! I will continue to train incredibly hard and stay focused and humble moving forward to continue to make you proud inside and outside of the ring! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ShowtimeShawnP and look out for a documentary about me, Showtime:Welcome Home directed by Marc Robert Graham! Trailer will be released on 2/22! God Bless and I love all of you!


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