Last night’s Knockout Kings 2 card has been given thumbs up by almost everyone who saw it.However,anyone who knows anything about boxing  saw  right through this “great night of  boxing” and realized  that Soto Karass came through big time.

Soto Karass has certainly revitalized his career in the last year and a half with a tough loss against Marcos Maidana and wins over Selcuk Aydin and now Andre Berto.Soto Karass came out battering  Berto in the first round and never stopped.Berto looked like a lost fighter struggling to figure out his style.In his last fight he was Floyd Mayweather but that didn’t work.Now he was back to being Andre Berto but not the Berto who went to war on the ropes.Virgil Hunter probably thought he had Berto back to being himself.Soto Karass had the jab and reach going and was outlanding  Berto from the getgo.Once Berto started having a shoulder issue the beating  really started.Every round after the third Soto Karass was landing at will and won round after round.Berto’s saving grace in this beating will be that he hurt his shoulder.But the fact that he took yet another beating,injury or not, proves what many already know.Andre Berto is not that good.He is and always was a good mid level fighter who has gotten a tremendous push and title shot after title because of connections.If you think this was Berto’s last  televised fight or big fight you can forget that.Guarantee you will see him being pumped up in Berto/Ortiz 2 next year some time.The most embarrassing part of last night that was swept under the rug because Soto Karass won by KO was the scorecards.It was a draw at the time Soto Karass knocked Berto out.One judge had Berto up,one had Soto Karass up and the other had it even.Berto lost almost every round after the third and he lost the first and second.Yet the judges were more than willing to steal Soto Karass’ win and give it to Berto for all the obvious reasons.This is why boxing is not as popular as MMA.Boxing is at the point were unless a knockout happens in a close fight the result is predetermined.Boxing is getting more like wrestling every year and it’s getting worse.

And while Soto Karass’ upset knockout of Andre Berto was obviously the knockout of the night,Golden Boy gave Keith Thurman the KO King title.Thurman,who already knocked  Diego Chaves down in the previous round,knocked Chaves out by a flurry of shots that  floored Chaves .Chaves knockout was a knockout by a volume of punches while Soto Karass knockout of Berto was a true one shot KO to the chin that had Berto unable to continue.But Thurman was given the gift title of KO King…What a surprise!


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