1. Alot has been made the last few days about drug testing for a potential fight between yourself and Holly Holm.You have made it an issue more because you want the testing to be the same for each fighter,not that you think Holm is on anything, correct?

I like Holly Holm. The issue is more with her coach. WinkleJohn really tried to make my flagged sample an issue in the media to delay a fight between holly and myself from happening. I think Holly is a great person, but her coach is going to throw rocks at me instead of letting me have my due process. He knows how extensive the USADA process is as I don’t think there is any other gym in MMA with more USADA violations that his. I support USADA. It gives fighters a chance to prove they are clean and it gives fans an opportunity to know that they can trust the integrity of the sport is kept during the fairness of competition. The facts remain that neither myself or Holly have ever been suspended by USADA. We are both clean athletes, which is why I do not think an agreement of equal testing will be hard to agree upon. If they wake me up 5 times between now and Dec. 30th at 5am, then I want them disturbing her training 5 times at 5am during camp, this will reassure both camps we are competing clean and keep fairness of sport in the lead up to our fight.

2.What are the other factors that is making this fight hard to finalize?

You will have to talk to Holly’s camp. We have been trying to make this fight since 2014 even going to a catchweight of 140lbs twice in an attempt to give the bout to the fans. After having been world champion in boxing at 154lbs, and having already lost a close decision for the inaugural UFC belt it seems like Holly Holm is the biggest fight the UFC can make in WMMA right now.

3. Do you feel eventually this fight with Holm will be made for late December?

Yes. We have been trying to make this fight since 2014 and feel confident that any points of negotiation from both sides have already been made.

4. Do you feel Cyborg vs Holm is the biggest women’s MMA fight that can be made right now?

There are a lot of big fights for WMMA however with Cyborg Holm happening on new years, I would say it will be the biggest fight of 2017.

5. Is there a breaking point where you move on from facing Holm and look for a new opponent?

Certainly. I want to fight Dec. 30th. If Holly Holm and her team wants to make negotiations to the point that the promoter walks away, then I am still going to want the platform of the NYE event. Megan Anderson is still out there, Cindy Dandois has talked about a return to 145, and maybe now that I’m UFC Champion they can get Cecilia Braekhus to try MMA! There are girls for me to fight if Holly Holm decides she doesn’t want the opportunity, however that seems like it is the fight the most fans want to watch right now.

6. What type of fight will yourself vs Holm be?

Fight Of the Night. Holly is a very tough opponent and demonstrated great strength in her wrestling clench against GDR. It will be a good fight, however I think my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be a significant advantage.

7. Do you believe Holly Holm will be the toughest opponent you’ve faced in your career?

Styles make fights and I believe Holly Holm will be a good opponent for me. We have seen her tendency to put herself naturally where my best punches land. I think she will be one more fight in a great career for my fans to enjoy. I am excited at the challenge and hope it will make for a great fight where fans get a chance to see us go back and forth during the competition giving history a legendary fight for WMMA.

8. If, for some reason, the Holm fight doesn’t get made is there another opponent you want next?

I still need to fight Megan Anderson. I am not sure what is up with her personal issues but it has been a year since she won the Invicta Belt so hopefully we get the chance to unify that lineage soon. Cindy Dandois is fighter who has a win over Megan Anderson that has recently talked about returning to 145, and depending on what type of payday boxing has, maybe Dana can talk Cecilia Braekhus into giving MMA a try like James Toney was brave enough to do.

9. You never did get the chance to face Ronda Rousey.Will that be something you look back on and wish that fight happened when she was still undefeated?

There is nothing I can do about that. I told fans then she was not going to give them the fight for the history of the sport. It is unfortunate the fight never happened, however I tried everything in my power to make that fight happen, even fighting twice at 140lbs to prove I could make the catchweight.

10. Knowing what we know now about Rousey and her fall from the top in her last few fights,do you think it would have even been a competitive fight or would you have beaten her easily in your mind?

The fight was always bigger in Ronda’s mind that in was in mine. This is why it never happened. I am naturally a strong and powerful girl which are the types of girls she struggled with in Judo, and eventually MMA. Holly and Nunes are bigger girls than Ronda. I respect her for not wanting to move back to 145lbs once she was world champion at 135, however the catchweight fight of 140 was something fans wanted to see and it would have been a very special moment in history. Who knows if Ronda is truly done with fighting, but if she is, maybe we will see this inside a WWE Ring for a Wrestle Mania one day, lol I never think I will beat anyone easily. Every fight I train like I am the #1 contender fighting the world champion for the belt for the first time.

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