LEFTJAB: How did you feel getting your first KO win over Cassie Trost in your last win?

HEATHER : It was so sweet! We were working very hard on aligning my punches and making them more accurate and precise. The amateur style “punches in bunches” doesn’t translate well in the pro’s, so it’s been quite an adjustment.

LEFTJAB: What’s next for you?

HEATHER: Lou will be having a show on September 16 at the Resorts Casino in Queens. It will be the first installment of “Big Apple Boxing” and I’m exited to be a part of that show.

LEFTJAB: Any thoughts on the state of woman’s boxing these days?

HEATHER: There is so much to be said, what a general question! I think that we made great strides competing in the 2012 Olympics. More so for this country, when two of our three American girls brought us home medals. Female boxing got some much needed media attention, though it’s important that we only see this as a start. They are already talks of just three female weight classes for the 2016 games in Rio as opposed to ten for the men. Not just in the Olympics, but there are injustices occurring in this sport across the board. We deserve the same rights, privileges, and pay as our male counterparts.

LEFTJAB: Being that your from Brooklyn and have a nice following do you think you will ever  fight at the Barclay’s Arena one day ?

HEATHER: Well, right now I’m signed with Lou DiBella and he doesn’t have any shows there. So asking me if I’ll ever fight at the Barclays Center is like asking Derek Jeter if he’ll ever play in Citifield

LEFTJAB: How would you rate your career so far?

HEATHER: I am very pleased with where boxing has taken me in the past three years. When I met Devon at Gleasons I was 28 and never traveled. He took me to places that in 28 years I never dreamed I would be. I had the chance to box and win a national title in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and a Regional Title in Lake Placid. I stood inside the ring at Madison Square Garden and had my first pair of Golden Gloves hung around my neck. I’ve seen myself in magazines and on television. I am truly living the dream. Devon believed in me, and made ME believe in me. This isn’t just my career, it’s ours.

LEFTJAB: When do you think you will be in line for a world title fight?

HEATHER: I try not to think that much further ahead. It’s like….if you want to lose 50 pounds you don’t try to do it in a week. You set reasonable goals. I know I have a lot more fights to win before I am in contention for a title of merit, and for that reason I stay focused on what’s happening right now.

LEFTJAB: Any updates on your upcoming documentary film “Hardy” ?

HEATHER: We should be ready for post production soon. There will be a new trailer released this month.

LEFTJAB: Who are some of your favorite boxers past and present?

HEATHER: I’m a huge Mike Tyson fan. I love how relentless he was. I totally respect Canello’s punches, they are so clean and pretty. Devon and I watch a lot of Roy Jones Jr.’s fights. He was just untouchable, and really knew how to put on a show. And Arturo Gatti. He was all heart, like me

LEFTJAB: With the big fight between Canelo and Mayweather right around the corner…what’s your thoughts on that fight?

HEATHER: Mayweather is just too slick and too experienced to be beaten by Canello. I’m Canello’s #1 fan…..but let’s be real. Floyd is just too damn good to be beaten by anyone.

Thanks Heather!!


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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – On Wednesday, July 24, 2013, Heather “The Heat” Hardy (Brooklyn, NY pro record: 5-0-0) returns to the Roseland Ballroom in New York City against Cassie Trost (Seattle, WA pro record: 1-1-1) in a six-round bout. Hardy, a super bantamweight, last fought on April 4, 2013, […]