THE ROB & SLIM SHOW #238 “Trumps Gone Wild” with David The Producer, Brandt Tobler, Kevin L. Johnson from “Ozark”, & Josh Purgason


“We opened the show with “I Say Herro” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about our stimulus check plans, Trump looking into pardoning Joe Exotic, Ghost Bat, and plated a clip from “After Hours with T.C. Restani”. The Driz performed “Fancy by “Iggy Azalea” in this week’s “The Driz Sings The Hits” and we performed the “Too Many Rapes: Time Rapists” finale “RAPEMAEDDON REDUX Part 2”. Rob did DRIZZLENEWS and Slim did Celebrity Gossip and News.

We interviewed David The Producer from “The Unwritable Rant” and “Bourbon Soaked Live with Juliette Miranda”, Comedian, Author, & Podcaster Brandt Tobler, and sSinger/Songwriter Josh Purgason.

It was a great show!”

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