THE ROB & SLIM SHOW #242 “Covid: What-teen?” with Jack Casey from “The Bass Guy Show”, T.C. Restani, Steve Coulter from “The Hunt”, & Mr. Jack Brickhouse & Koffe Black


“We opened the show with “Star Wars Is Kinda Gay” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about the new “Rick and Morty” episodes, caught up with Slambo, enjoyed a Linzess commercial, and I think had a Corona Virus Update. The Driz performed “Driz Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX and we performed the new “Too Many Rapes: After Rapes” episode “Tales From Rapesville: Part 2 Governor Phantom Boner”. Rob did #DRIZZLENEWS and Slim did Celebrity Gossip and News.

We interviewed Jack Casey from “The Bass Guy Show, T.C. Restani from “After Hours with T.C. Restani”, Steve Coulter from “The Hunt” and much more, and Mr. Jack Brickhouse and Koffe Black from the “Calling Audibles Podcast”.

It was an amazing show!”

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