The latest rumbling in the boxing world is that plans are being worked on to have Danny Garcia face Zab Judah in a rematch instead of  Garcia facing Lucas Matthysse.If true,we get yet another retread fight we already saw instead of a fresh,new matchup fans want to see bad.

Right after Lucas Matthyse knocked out Lamont Peterson all eyes went on Danny Garcia in the crowd to see his reaction and if he would be up for a Matthyse challenge.He of course accepted in the media and we were hearing it would go down in September.Now in an effort to tip toe around that matchup by either Garcia or Golden Boy,Zab Judah is being lined up to face Garcia again.We all like Zab but just because he came on at the end of the first fight and barely wobbled Garcia doesn’t mean we want to see it again.Judah still was knocked down a few times and was losing every round throughout the first 2/3 of the fight.His performance was good but the fight was not close enough to warrant a rematch.A Matthyse/Garcia fight would have the boxing world buzzing and we would really see what Garcia is made of in a legitimate threat to his undefeated record and world titles.A Judah fight would end with another Garcia win,probably by TKO this time.What’s with Garcia and these unwarranted rematches? The rematch he gave Eric Morales was equally undeserved for Morales and we saw how bad that fight was.This would be the same result.Garcia wins easy and we miss out on a great matchup.Not sure if this is Garcia or Golden Boy making these decisions but Garcia will get a reputation of being a cherry picking champion if he keeps avoiding the real threats.You would think Garcia would want Matthyse because with a win over him he elevates himself maybe into a Mayweather fight.A win over Judah is just another expected win over someone he already beat.


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