“This week in an attempt to avoid virus talk & have some fun we decided to punish each other if we speak certain words.

Plus, random knowledge test, accidentally stolen subs, stupid white people song, the perfect ice cream lick, don’t be sexiest, live show recap, Bill is going to get beat, A-hole boss, how do you clip your nails, shot in the D & so much more.

Also in the news, clean up aisle 7, don’t flush that, tampon assault, balcony marathon, stripper car wash, stocking up, hungry hippo idea & more.”

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THE ROB & SLIM SHOW #235-Kevin and Tiffany from The “Fake Headlines Podcast”, Baby Byron from “A Kid Called Gauwd”, Comedian Tim Grill, & Weatherman Frankie MacDonald

“We opened the show with “1 Up!” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about this shitty virus, and watched the “Corona Virus Facts” video by Monty Geer. Rob reviewed the new episode of “The Walking Dead” and talked about his new hidden camera prank show idea for “Bats Off To You”. […]