“This week we play a brand new, fun and awkward game of fill in the blank that Mick, aka the Game God, came up with and you can play along too.

Plus, sometimes its odd to do certain things naked, can YouTube teach you to cut hair, Mick discusses Bills interview with Team LeftJab, phase one, waking up with a handful, beach day, paying it forward gone bad, 400 night time erections, missionary position while brushing your teeth, haircut time & so much more.

In the news, naked bike rides, put the mask on, rock history for sale, thats a lot of weed, you used up your luck, 2 candles, space force ad & more.”

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THE ROB & SLIM SHOW #242 “Covid: What-teen?” with Jack Casey from “The Bass Guy Show”, T.C. Restani, Steve Coulter from “The Hunt”, & Mr. Jack Brickhouse & Koffe Black

“We opened the show with “Star Wars Is Kinda Gay” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about the new “Rick and Morty” episodes, caught up with Slambo, enjoyed a Linzess commercial, and I think had a Corona Virus Update. The Driz performed “Driz Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX and […]