“This week we put masks to the test when someone gets so heated about the mask debate they drop the C bomb. plus, interrupted by cookies, what’s in milk, what’s the best pizza, who knows JR the best, favorite ice cream, a new influencer, always party when JR is out of town, dicks dill pickles, the don’t do butt & so much more

In the news, snake highway, joggers find the coolest stuff, damn lightneing, Beavis & Butthead return, caroles cameo, flying snakes and more. 

Take a break from the stress and laugh with us.”

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Yapping Yankees Episode 55 - Yankees Summer Camp!!

In Episode 55 of Yapping Yankees, Mike Scudiero does results/shoutouts for this weeks poll, and yaps about the 2020 schedule, MLB’s plan for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, this past week of Yankees summer camp, and what’s ahead! Michael Scudiero · Yapping Yankees Episode 55 – Yankees Summer Camp!!