1. Before we look to this rematch, who did you have winning the first Canelo-GGG fight?

ICEMAN: it was a good fight and I had GGG winning. I thought Canelo had some great moments defensively and landed some really beautiful counterpunches. But overall GGG pressed the fight and made things happen.



2. In your mind, is this the biggest fight in boxing right now?

ICEMAN: it definitely is. They are two of the absolute biggest names. I mean, we have fights like Spence-Crawford that could be made and they would be equal in terms of action and ability and importance to people within the game but those guys are not at that level yet where it will come with the attention that this one does.



3. How much, if at all, does the contaminated meat/PED test results take away from this fight?

ICEMAN: Unfortunately it is definitely an issue. And Canelo has a lot riding on this fight because if he gets wiped out his whole entire career is going to come into question. He’s got to win or else everyone is surely going to say or think the same thing about his failed PED test.



4. Is this a do or die fight for Canelo’s reputation or is he young enough and has done enough in the sport to recover even with a loss here?

ICEMAN: I think it all depends on how he loses if that’s what happens. If he gets manhandled and/or stopped then it’s going to raise some huge red flags. And I think people will innately doubt him and everything he’s done up to this point. That question mark will always be there so he’s got to perform in this fight. Win, lose or draw he’s got to perform.



5. What does Canelo have to do differently in this fight to win convincingly on the cards?

ICEMAN: He needs to blend his offense in with his defense much more. His defensive skills were impressive last time and his counter punches were very subtle but effective. But sometimes with judges you made need to make things more obvious to the naked eye. You need to have it where people really see what’s happening. You can’t just be textbook and calculated. You’ve got to be visually impressive this time.



6. Same question, but with GGG, what does he have to do to win convincingly on the cards?

ICEMAN: it certainly wouldn’t hurt him to be a little better defensively and make more punches miss. But he also needs to get his offense going at a little bit more a sustained and consistent pace this time. He did some great work last time but it obviously wasn’t the usual eye-catching explosions that we are accustomed to seeing from him. He needs to step on the gas a little bit more and go for broke to also make it visually impressive.



7. So many fans and media thought in the first fight there would be a knockout or at least a knockdown or two with both being so powerful but they both have great chins. Do you think we see a KO or knockdowns in this rematch?

ICEMAN: Many times with elite level fighters like this the fights tend to go the distance. Almost all of Mayweather’s big fights went the distance. Triple G has went the distance with absolute elite-level guys like Canelo and Danny Jacobs. At that level it takes something extra to get a knockout in most cases. With the skill and durability of these guys as it is another 12 round decision should not be surprising to anyone.



8. Who wins this fight and how?

ICEMAN: I think GGG is a realistic choice to win. I believe mentally Canelo has a lot going against him. He’s got the stress and the doubt of the positive drug test and there is also the thing where pictures have been circulating in the last day or so of him and it’s pretty clear that his body does not look nearly as impressive as it did for the first fight. It definitely raises eyebrows. He has a lot to prove but by opening up more with his offense he will also open up his defense more and Triple G will be ripping shots in there like he probably should have done the first time. Mentally as well as physically it’s going to take a bigger than normal effort from Canelo to come through this fight as a winner.



9. Does a Canelo win erase any PED suspicion in your mind?

ICEMAN: I believe the suspicions will always be there to a certain degree with some people. The high doubts will always be there from a certain faction, no matter what happens in this fight. But it would do a lot more for his reputation and the way people perceive him going forward and remember him in years to come if he can win this one after what happened last time.

To completely erase those thoughts and doubts will take an extra impressive and dynamic performance this time.



10. Does a GGG win make him an all time great or does he need one or two more huge wins against big names before we can say that?

ICEMAN: it’s hard to say. Greatness and all-time standings get thrown around so much in this era that it gets clouded sometimes as to who is actually a great and who is just a great of the era. I suppose anyway you slice it GGG’s record really is stellar and impressive. The number of knockouts alone is eye catching…..and impressive but we will just have to see what type of reactions he gets when all is said and done when his name is mentioned alongside the likes of Robinson, Monzon, Hagler and Hopkins

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1. Before we look to this rematch, who did you have winning the first Canelo-GGG fight? SHANNON: GGG 2. In your mind, is this the biggest fight in boxing right now? SHANNON: Right now I think yes although the hype doesn’t seem as big as the first fight between them. […]