1. Before we look to this rematch, who did you have winning the first Canelo-GGG fight?

2. In your mind, is this the biggest fight in boxing right now?

SHANNON: Right now I think yes although the hype doesn’t seem as big as the first fight between them.

3. How much, if at all, does the contaminated meat/PED test results take away from this fight?

SHANNON:I think it just takes away a bit of credibility to Canelo but it doesn’t take anything away from the actual fight. If Canelo wins, it’s just going to give GGG fans something to complain about.

4. Is this a do or die fight for Canelo’s reputation or is he young enough and has done enough in the sport to recover even with a loss here?

SHANNON: I don’t think it’s do or die. I think if he was fighting a bum and lost it would bebut GGG is as hard as they get.

5. What does Canelo have to do different in this fight to win convincingly on the cards?

SHANNON:Fight like a Mexican lol

6. Same question , but with GGG, what does he have to do to win convincingly on the cards?

SHANNON:I thought it was convincing last time so I am not sure.

7. So many fans and media thought in the first fight there would be a knockout or at least a knockdown or two with both being so powerful but they both have great chins.Do you think we see a KO or knockdowns in this rematch?

SHANNON: That’s hard to say. Maybe because they both might go in harder this time, knowing that they can take the power from each other.

8. Who wins this fight and how?

SHANNON:I think GGG wins this time. I think he is the smarter of the two and will adjust what he needs to adjust to not let the judges be able to rob him.

9. Does a Canelo win erase any PED suspicion in your mind?

SHANNON: No not for me. If anything it probably makes me think it was even more likely.

10. Does a GGG win make him an all time great or does he need one or two more huge wins against big names before we can say that?

SHANNON: I think it definitely makes him an all time great.

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