What if Amir Khan loses again???


December 15 will either be the day Amir Khan gets back on track or pretty much damages his career beyond repair.His opponebt Carlos Molina is a 135 pounder moving up and he has little power with much less speed and skill than Khan.Golden Boy is not stupid,they picked an opponent Khan should beat easily and look good doing it.

 Carlos Molina won’t have a chance in this fight.As much as I think Khan is beatable by anyone decent at this point,I don’t think this is the fight he loses again.Khan has too much going in his favor.First the opponent picked is someone Khan should beat due to his size,speed and strength.Second Khan with his new trainer Virgil Hunter will be more focused than he has been in recent fights to prove he is better than his last 2 fights.I’m sure Hunter has gotten the idea out of Khan’s head that he somehow is on a collision course with Floyd Mayweather which is something Freddie Roach couldn’t do.The proof is that we no longer see stories and interviews from Khan about Mayweather anymore.Reality has set in that anyone with 2 straight losses is nowhere on Floyd’s radar period.Even Pacquiao is off Mayweather’s radar now after a gift win over Marquez,a loss to Bradley and maybe another loss in the makings if Marquez can beat him in the judges eyes finally.Amir Khan will beat Molina by TKO I believe maybe around the 7th or 8th round.Then we will see if Khan’s head swells up again and starts calling out Mayweather again.I bet he does!!

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