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As we await to see who will win the next Mayweather sweepstakes to be his opponent in September,we can only hope we don’t get another opponent like Robert Guerrero.The list can be made of potential opponents for Floyd Mayweather but only a few are realistic.

Heres the list:

Canelo Alvarez: Canelo would draw the most attention to the fight from the opponents side.He is a huge star in Mexico and is gaining steam in the United States and among boxing fans worldwide.He is a monster in the ring with his power and huge shots to the body.His reflexes and defense seem to be improving drastically in each bout also.He is the fighter fans can see actually hurting Mayweather and getting him in trouble.He is a very dangerous foe for Mayweather and if Mayweather takes this fight he has alot of heart and guts.Canelo would outweigh him by 15 plus pounds fight night but would Canelo be too slow and just get picked apart by mayweather’s speed,footwork and counter punching?

Amir Khan: Now theres no doubt that if looking at this from a fair point of view Amir Khan doesn’t deserve this fight.He was knocked out by Danny Garcia and lost(not really) to Lamont Peterson.He was in deep trouble against Soto in his last fight hitting the deck and don’t forget his running away from Maidana the last few rounds in 2010.Khan is the most vulnerable opponent Mayweather can face but also the faster and slickest.What makes this fight possible is Khan has great skills,speed and heart.True he gets hurt alot and has lost but you at least know Khan will get KO’D trying to win at any cost.He won’t just mail in rounds like Guerrero,Mosley and Marquez did.Khan won’t look to just survive.He has wanted this fight for a while and if you get Khan in the right mindset he might put on a performance that gives the fans a competitive, great fight.Plus why should Khan not get a chance when someone who quit in the ring like Victor Ortiz got a chance at Mayweather.Plus Khan brings in the massive fanbase and PPV numbers from the U.K. no one else on this list can.

Manny Pacquiao: Forget this fight.He’s fighting Brandon Rios anyway at the end of the year.If it happens it will be next year or later when both are ready to hang up the gloves .There will always be an excuse from both sides so why even discuss.Plus Pacman has looked bad the last two years.A shell of himself and with that devastating  KO by Marquez he might not survive Rios later in the year anyway if he’s not back completely.

Timothy Bradley: He wanted the Pacquiao fight so bad he signed with Bob Arum.Now he’s exempt from all the great fights that he could have had with Golden Boy.He’s not even on the radar thanks to Bob Arum.

Danny Garcia: Too early for Garcia to fight Mayweather.He likely will be facing Lucas Matthysse anyway in September.Maybe mid 2014 if Garcia keeps winning.

Miguel Cotto: Always an option but we have seen this before.Cotto looked bad against Austin Trout and he’s older now.Don’t see it happening.It wasn’t as close as fans remember the first time anyway.

Devon Alexander: This could very well be the fight Mayweather takes.Alexander is fast,slick and not that powerful.It would be a chess match in the ring but nothing spectacular.A safe fight for Mayweather against a fighter that’s a champion and looked good.

Lucas Matthysse: Maybe if Danny Garcia doesn’t take the fight with Matthysse he could become a factor.I don’t see Mayweather looking at Matthysse as a big enough name in the states though.Not likely.

Paulie Malignaggi: If Malignaggi beats Broner he can definately start calling Mayweather out.The problem is the turnaround time.Broner-Malignaggi happens June 22 so not much of a chance since Mayweather said he will name his next opponent in the next few weeks.







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