As the dust clears on the Mayweather vs Maidana bout from last weekend, everyone is already wondering who Mayweather will be fighting next.One thing is for certain,Maidana made this fight the most competitive fight Mayweather has been in since the first Jose Luis Castillo fight earlier in his career.The only other fights Mayweather has been tested in have been when he faced Oscar De LaHoya in 2007 and Miguel Cotto( at least at some points in the fight) in 2012.Although the Cotto fight was not close,Cotto did land punches previous opponents had not in the last few years.Debate is great for boxing  especially when it is the biggest fight of the year and what made this fight great was that you can make arguments that either fighter won and also that it could have been a draw.Nobody thought we would be asking the same question Mayweather posed to the boxing world in February after this fight.But the question will be asked again and with the same two opponents..Who’s got next?? Marcos Maidana or Amir Khan?

Maidana is the likely next opponent for Floyd for a few reasons.Most of all will be the demand to see this fight again.Just as Mayweather chose Maidana while his name was hot after beating Adrien Broner in a huge upset,he will do it again while Maidana as an opponent is what the fans want to see.To wait and risk Maidana getting picked off  by someone like Devon Alexander in a stay busy fight  until he gets a Mayweather rematch is risky.Mayweather knows he can adjust even more than he did in the first fight and he will choose Maidana as his next opponent not only to clear the air on the closeness of the first fight,but to cash in on his hardest opponent since 2007.


Amir Khan did nothing but help his case to face Mayweather himself  by easily beating Luis Collazo on the undercard.Khan looked sharp with accuracy and speed in his debut at 147.He overwhelmed Collazo who was getting tagged from the outset.Khan looked improved over his last few fights.Especially his last fight a year ago when Julio Diaz   knocked Khan down.Khan was never in trouble in this fight and with the three knockdowns against Collazo, he looked good enough to be considered an opponent for Mayweather.Khan will use the idea of his speed,footwork and ability to win rounds to eventually get the Mayweather showdown he wants.Unfortunately for Khan, the only way this happens is if Mayweather pushes back his fight in September  to November to accommodate Khan for Ramadon.Unless there is a major fallout in the negotiations for a rematch between Mayweather and Maidana, don’t count on this happening.Khan will fight a decent opponent,probably on the Mayweather undercard again to build up their fight,then get Mayweather next May.

So Maidana will most likely face Mayweather next and if Floyd wins again,he will face Khan in May.I don’t think Khan will be upset this time around by not getting the fight.He knows he is lined up to face Khan after Maidana.The only thing that stops Khan vs Mayweather next May is another controversial fight  if Maidana beats Mayweather.Then fans will really want to see a third fight between the two!


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