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The promotion train steams forward for the mega fight pitting Canelo against Floyd Mayweather everyday.But should we really expect this fight to live up to the hype? Fights this big on paper usually don’t and there’s a good chance this just winds up being another easy opponent for Mayweather.The bigger threat might be Mayweather’s next opponent which could be Amir Khan.

As much as a Canelo win would blow boxing up in the media and drive its popularity up which it sorely needs,the safer bet is that Mayweather winds up winning a decision in usual Mayweather fashion.Mayweather has a significant speed advantage and his footwork even at his age could enable him to run circles around Canelo.Canelo is mostly flatfooted and will have to chase Mayweather around the ring all night.We have seen Canelo run out of gas in the later rounds and we have seen Mayweather hit the gas in the later rounds like he did against Miguel Cotto.That’s a bad combination for Canelo.Canelo’s only hope is that he lands some big shots that slow down and hurt Mayweather.The sight of Mayweather finally hitting the deck in a close fight could give Canelo a chance at a decision but it is a longshot.Most likely Mayweather wins.

It’s the next fight on Mayweather’s schedule that will be more dangerous for him.If Amir Khan does fight Devon Alexander and everything is on the up and up,I expect Khan to beat Alexander.Alexander wins his fights by outworking and jabbing his opponents.Not only can Khan outwork him but with his speed he could win a decision without having his chin tested.Alexander is not that big of a puncher.That win for Khan could land him a Mayweather fight sooner than later.A Khan fight would get big ratings and PPV buys between the U.S and U.K. viewers.Golden Boy knows that they need to make this fight soon.Another Khan loss and the fight is off the table.

The last few fights,Mayweather has won fairly easily against Cotto,Mosley,Ortiz and Guerrero.None of those opponents could match Mayweather’s footspeed,accuracy and speed.Canelo seems to fit right into that category too as an opponent.Amir Khan has equal or more speed than Mayweather.He has good footwork and angles that he works from.Khan could outwork Mayweather and win alot of rounds.This could be a case where Khan focuses enough,getting the fight he’s wanted for years now,where he puts on the fight of his life.He will get hit by Mayweather but if Khan can get off first,he could keep Mayweather at bay.To beat Floyd Mayweather you have to beat him at his own game with speed,accuracy,a quick jab and a huge workrate per round.Amir Khan would definately test Mayweather.


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