Wladimir Klitschko – Tyson Fury Breakdown and Prediction
By Tom Mauriello

This Saturday live from the ESPIRT Arena in Dusseldorf Germany we will see the reigning WBA, IBF, and IBO Heavyweight Champion Wladimir “Dr. Steelhammer” Klitschko (64(53)-3-0) take on the undefeated British Challenger Tyson Fury (24(18)-0-0) in a long awaited match up. This will surely be Klitschko’s toughest task to date as for the first time in many years, he will have a height and reach disadvantage to the challenger. Though Fury will have the size advantage, he has never been in the ring with the likes of Dr. Steelhammer. This fight will be a tale of Wladimir’s experience and skill against Tysons brute, strength and youth.
Tyson Fury is a very talented fighter and he is not afraid to tell you all about it. Though brash, the 6’9, 260 pound fighter does back up his talk having stopped 18 of his 24 opponents. The key to his success is utilizing his size to break down his opponents. Fury is not the lightest on his feet, and does not have the best footwork, but does have good hand speed for a man of his stature. He pumps a solid jab, and puts together some great combinations in spurts. My only critique is that he gets lazy with these combos and leaves himself open for counter punches. One example is the looping overhand right that he has attempted in a few of his fights. If he throws this punch on Saturday, he will leave on a stretcher.
If Fury has any chance of beating Wladimir on Saturday, he must keep his foot on the gas pedal and apply constant pressure. Punches in bunches is the name of his game, and he cannot get lazy or he will be stopped. If he uses his size and moves north against Klitschko he will take away Wlads biggest weapons, the jab and straight right hand. The pressure must remain constant from Fury and he needs to rough up the older fighter. Other fighters have gone this route only to run into that signature Jab of Klitschko. By the time they got in range to put in the work, they were either hurt or exhausted. Fury has the size to rough him up from a distance. He needs to get off first, and cause damage by making this a fight instead of a chess match. Wladimir has not been hit by a heavyweight with the power of Fury in sometime, and with constant pressure Fury has the best chance of any fighter to put Dr. Steelhammer down. The only issue here, is the ring generalship Klitschko possesses that has kept him as the king of the division for the last 10 years.
Some fans call it boring, some call it playing it safe, but no one can deny the skill of Wladimir Klitschko. He has a piston like jab, and a right hand that comes in like a laser beam. When it comes to the fundamentals of boxing, no one has done it better. The way he work his left hook off the jab is a thing of beauty. He sticks the left in your face and dictates the pace of the fight. Once the jabs and hooks have done their damage, the brutal straight right comes in to seal the deal. He is the more talented and disciplined fighter in this matchup, but patience and discipline is not going to win him this fight.
Klitschko must be more active and not allow Fury to get off. We saw him step to the plate in the Jennings fight, but needs to throw more punches and change levels against the bigger man. Klitschko needs to change up his own pace and throw punches to the body. He will certainly slow down Fury if he comes under the jab with a straight right hand to the body. A body attack will be a tool to dictate the pace, and keep this a boxing match and not a brawl. By changing levels he will force Fury into his sloppy habits. Once the lazy combos begin, Fury will leave himself wide open for the right hand, and Wladimir must throw it continuously. Klitschko’s boxing IQ will be his biggest weapon on Saturday, and his technique will be the key to victory.
I feel this fight will have a much different look from most Klitschko fights. The pace will be faster, and more punches will be thrown. Tyson Fury has the physicality and power to make this a dangerous night for Klitschko. He is tough, young and most of all confident. I still don’t feel this will be enough to dethrone the champion. Tyson will have his moments, but will certainly run into one of those brutal right hands of Klitschko and be put away for Wladimir’s 54th knockout victory.
Final prediction, Dr. Steelhammer by KO.

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